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Pandobi's Family
The MeowMi Family
Car Songs for Kids
Best car and vehicle songs for kids from BabyBus!
Safety Tips Songs for Kids
Our collection of safety tips, daily routines, and general knowledge.
Yummy Food Song
Infectious kids songs, nursery rhymes and cartoon for children.
What Do You Want to Be
What do you want to do when you grow up? Let's learn about different jobs with BabyBus songs!
Super Panda Rescue Team
Action! Super Panda Rescue Team! Come and solve problems with Kiki and Miumiu.
Magical Chinese Characters
Learn magical Chinese characters with Kiki, Miumiu and more friends from BabyBus!
Pandobi's Family
Wash Your Hands Song
Wash, wash, wash, wash your hands with Pandy!
Take Care of Baby Brother
Daddy is busy with cooking, but baby brother is hungry. Pandy and Dolly decide to help take care of baby Bobi. They are trying everything to make him happy, will it work?
Colors Song with Cars
Let's learn about colors with ambulance, fire truck and police car!
Bath Time Safety Song
There might be dangers in the bathroom! Sing with Pandobi and learn how to stay safe in the bathroom.
Knock Knock, Who's at the Door
Knock knock, someone is knocking at the door. Can I open it? Don’t open the door to strangers! Let's learn about home safety tips with Pandobi and protect ourselves.
Playground Safety Song
Sing along with Pandobi and learn safety tips to protect ourselves from protential dangers.
The MeowMi Family
Daddy's Job
Let's learn about occupations with baby kittens Mimi and Timi. People in our communities have different jobs to do!
Baby Takes Medicine Song
When you're sick, you should take medicine and get some rest. You'll feel better soon. Through this story, kids will learn healthy habits.
Mosquito, Go Away!
Hi, I am Mimi. Meow~ I found an annoying mosquito on my daddy's face! Mosquito, go away!
Earthquake Safety Song
Enjoy this earthquake safety song and learn safety tips with baby kittens Mimi and Timi.
Monster Fire Truck Saved MIMI
Emergency! Mimi is trapped on the tree. Who can help her? Monster Fire Truck is on its way!
Baby Got Hurt Song
When you get hurt, you need to take care of your boo-boo. Don't scratch it. Change your bandage regularly, and keep it clean. You'll get better soon!