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Taking the enlightenment of children's interest as a starting point, BabyBus pays great attention to the growth of children, specifically in health, language, society, science, art and other areas.

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  • Language
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  • Health

BabyBus is dedicated to creating a system of "Age & Ability" for all products. A full range of products for children enlightenment are tailored for playing (app), watching (nursery rhymes & video) and listening (stories).

Our Influence

  • 100 million Monthly Active Users
  • 160 Areas Released
  • 11 billion Monthly Video Views
  • 12 Language Versions
  • 1.1 billion Monthly Audio Playback

Our Goals

  • Easy Parenting
    Easy Parenting
  • Healthy Growth
    Healthy Growth
  • Brain Development
    Brain Development

Our Awards

  • YouTube Diamond Creator Award
    YouTube Diamond Creator Award
  • YouTube Partner of the Year
    YouTube Partner of the Year
  • Google Play “Best for kids” Award
    Google Play“Best for kids”Award

Our Experience